Who Knew Corporate Tax Policy Could Be Such A Vibrant Thing?

We had a great time working on this project for the Center for Effective Government.  We call it an "Info Graphic Novel" because it blended elements of info graphics used with data but told in a longer story format more common to graphic novel or Japanese manga book pages. Check it out right here. 

The challenge was to take 7 different sets of data from 2 very detailed and long reports produced by the Center and turn them into a story about how the nation's aggregate corporate tax policies are hurting our ability to invest in infrastructure and generate much-needed jobs in the US economy. 

The result is a poppy, vibrant poster print (and accompanying vertical scroll for a better digital user experience).  Its almost like a child's Candy Land board game or the online game Farmville, but about corporate tax policy. 

It also works as an accompaniment to this video Boost or Bust by the good folks at Topos.  

Click on this screenshot portion of the whole thing to view the entire story and see why "King Kong ain't got nothin' on us,"to quote Denzel Washington in the film Training Day.

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