Big Bowl of Ideas:

Audacious Open-Mindedness, Served.

It probably started when a kindergarten teacher told a kid that he had it all wrong: trees were green, not orange and the sky was blue not purple. That same kid would later figure out the way to be in charge of the junior high school dances was to be elected Student Body President, but that would take creativity, having to run against a mayor’s son.

Big Bowl of Ideas is Creative Thinking and Problem Solving on Systems and Organizational Development; Creative Production, Writing and Art Direction; Creative Surfacing and Empowerment. Creative Cultural, Political and Coalition Strategies. One Big Gumbo.

Projects have ranged from social cause film promotion and organizing campaigns to outreach, promotion and writing of long-term strategic plans for non-profits, providing popular culture content for ‘serious’ organizations and serious treatment of artistic ones. For progressive organizations, political candidates, initiatives and socially responsible businesses and funders.

If you absolutely, positively, just gotta have someone think about a problem or moment in a different way or from an unconsidered angle that causes a furrowed brow, lets talk.

BBOI is anchored by Wyatt Closs, Principal. He often recruits and collaborates with individuals for whom he’s cultivated excellent relationships and creative energy to meet the demands of a given situation on a project, campaign or initiative on behalf of organizations and businesses. That creates dexterity and more ideas. A good thing.




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