Projects and Case Studies

Most Recent: Anatomy of a Photo from POLITICON 2016.

Also, the ambitious creative content for digital media to drive traffic for actions in Massachusetts. See a photo gallery of that work here. 

Ask about any work thats been done of course, any project big or small, old or recent.

But with these, we’ve got quite a story to tell.

Fresh Start—Working Families Community Festival

Turning a parking lot into a media-generating mini Amusement Park.

Our Communities Our Jobs—Real-Time Simultaneous Street Actions Collage Video

6 simultaneous actions in different places, 6 videos in various formats turned into a collage video in 90 minutes

Lets Get Healthy at Home—2-D Video Projection on State Capitol

5 days to conceive, write, gather material, edit and project a video 40 feet high on the side of a State Capitol building.

SEIU 775 Raise Every Voice—Report Branding, Writing and Design

Take a rich, vibrant history of a dynamic, young local union and help it illustrate a path forward for its members.

Stop Telling Women To Smile—Art Project and Awareness Campaign

Or the art of turning a creative expression into a cross-country, provocative mini-tour about street harassment that wound up on the front page of the NY Times Arts & Leisure page

Creating “The Silhouette” Sub-Brand

How a sketch for a simple presentation pocket portfolio became a motivational icon for an organization’s members and enhance its native brand

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